things keep moving in upton

Well, we are just on a roll here. We are booked to play in Upton on Severn for their music club on 16 May 2009. Hurray for our enlightened promoters. It’s a nice venue- the Upton on Severn Memorial Hall. I remember about one July ago, people jokingly called it Severn-upon-Upton (after the floods) but let me assure you the night I spent at a pub in Cropthorne was not funny at all (thinking my car might be washed away along with the plumbing of the pub!)! The first to ring (besides my spouse of course) to ask how I was doing was Allegra [a.k.a. Abi]- and I won’t forget that. I salute the spirit of all the Worcestershire and Gloucestershire folks (and those up north) who pitched in and helped each other. You wouldn’t know anything had flooded and everything is back in operation- so support them. Click here.