nautical terms and fake blood on our pershore (pirate) ship

We learned some great stuff this week- we had a new dance with people changing places with different couples and we wrote a new song. We’re still working on some more verses, so I’ll post that when we have a bit more. ALSO…. we got to see some staged fighting demonstrated by Hetti, who is fabulous.  The students have decided her character in the show will be ‘Drunken Duncan’…. Our students learned the part of a ship fore = front, aft= back, port= left, starboard = right…. They know what to do when someone says ‘Captain’s coming’ and they know how to hit the deck too! The staged hair grab is an easy, effective and safe stage effect, which they enjoyed trying.  I’ve seen it demonstrated on a special on the making of Dr. Who.  And well, I have to say, the session outside with the *fake blood* was super fabulous.  No, we’re not telling you our stage secrets, but many had a ‘very good death.’   Pershore students enjoy working with theatrical blood