delicious hair

Can’t help m’self- once you get started there’s a wealth of infomration out there. I found some lovely hair sites and several with step by step instructions- now why did I just get my hair trimmed? I might have used those extra 4 inches of length.  Luckily there are lots of possibilities even so! I start looking cuz we have a Victorian show but of course other eras are featured too. this has a sub-link for some excellent Victorian instructions has a nice overview Some interesting graphics were here: and one with costumes and hair which i found showed an interesting mix of clothing styles including even a rather late  (well late for the costume’s history) sacque back.  See the grahpic. victorian hair and costume but this one is a veritable dictionary of what one can do with hair- i was stunned. Victorian three- braid (also some called it Gibson braid)