taking a Bath

Had to make the pun.  Went down to lovely Bath for a day to see the area.  I had a lovely wander round the Victoria Gardens but unfortunately the Holburne Museum is shut for refurbishment, so no lovely pianos. I also looked into ‘The Octagon’ a room that was often hired by holiday spa visitors for private services.  On this weekend it was put into service to house the Bath Prize, and over 150 paintings were hung there. We visited the fashion museum. It reminded me from a scene in Ab Fab when Patsy appears on a talk show.  Patsy keeps saying her catch phrase: “You can never have too many hats, gloves and scarves.”Eddie famously says, “Even the camera man could have rememberd the word accessories.” I have to say I wanted more background on the shoes and so on that we saw at the last little display- I imagine they’ve got tons more items in store and not enough room to show them off.  I did like the display with a ‘look’ for each year and peeked into the Assembly Rooms, which I remember visiting in my youth! Now I must sign off- we have a show on the 24th and want to be in best form for our adoring fans!  Love, the Signora