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Pleasurable jaunts

Allegra and I, on the kind suggestion of one Mrs. Woffington, set out to fair Warwick to hear the talk of the authoress Sarah-Jane Downing on her new book.  It put us in  mind of our dear Fanny Burney, that most engaging of writers. We’d give her the honourific of  ‘Lady’ were it in our  pow’r. The diverting experience included slides of 18th century pleasure gardens and the fun and foibles in which our dear members of Lady G would never dream of engaging.   The Lord Leycester Hospital and Warwick Words provided a fine welcome. We hope that some day Lady G may return to Warwick to float in on a cloud of taffeta and copious ribbons…. Ciao! — Signora

our obedient servant sends greetings

A note addressed to Lady Georgianna with the following, arrived with a strangly shaped disk: “‘I hope that my portraits meet with your approval. We hope that you were not alarmed by the sight of our horseless carriages and hobby horses propelled of their own volition. Your obedient Servent, Ian Peden” His labour proved to be of a most curious kind- a window onto another world. He did not mention the microphones… Enjoy- Signora ianPeden-2Ian -peden-1

Well hello, 18th century aficionados! After such a hectic weekend, I write this reclining on my Louis XVI chaise longue, listening to the quartet and eating pastel-coloured macaroons in the sunshine. We have just had the most wonderful weekend., and weather to match.  Lady Georgianna had a whistle-stop tour of the West Midlands, starting with Droitwich’s Salt Day festival, singing,  playing and wandering round fanning ourselves. Next stop was the sold-out performance at Birmingham Arts fest,  with the most wonderful audience that pleased me greatly by laughing in all the right places and singing along. The prize of one of our new CDs was won by none other than the Duke of Wellington! Sunday saw us in Shakespeare’s Stratford, at a wedding fair in the Stratford Hotel, a vision of half-timbered loveliness,  and then back to Artsfest for a pirate-themed song and dance workshop which was enjoyed by all. Wandering through the city centre, Isabella and I came across some ernest young men performing a Japanese sword fighting demonstration, and it was all I could do to prevent our lovely cellist challenging them to a duel! I extend the warmest welcome to those who have recently met us, and also to our long-standing friends that have been greatly missed during our summer vacation. I do hope you like the new look of our website and continue to visit us. As always,  please leave your  comments and news for us to peruse. Your faithful servant, Allegra