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18th century dress quest

I am on a mission to design and make us all some new frocks. Although we love our current ones, and will continue to use them, we feel that the time is right to get something a little more authentic. But how far down the murky road of authenticity can we go?  Over my next few posts, you can join me as I voyage into the world of fashion in the 18th century.

working on our character

We had a great session with the students where we came up with part of a storyline- I won’t give it all away but it does involve the land of Avanya and a character called Lonely Lil as well as a pirate queen.  Our students came away happy as and there was a nice cargo ship too!

other doings- recordings

Forget to mention we did get some videoing in whilst there was some nice weather and we got into a very cool gallery (see our link to John Noott Gallery in Broadway). We are very pleased with what Anthony has done with the material.  The seven deadly sins will never be the same again!  We still need to add a bit to dress up the intro. but we’re working on it.

a simple dance for drunken sailors

I did a bit of dancing with our students who are great and quick learners. To the drunken sailor tune we did a ‘longways set.’ ‘What shall we do…’ Heel and toe, heel and toe, set and turn (that’s step Right, then feet together) and turn single (clockwise) ‘Hooray, up she rises’ First couple gallop down the set, then gallop up the set. Then cast out to the bottom of the set. (They are now the bottom couple). Repeat….