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Worcester Early Music Weekend delivers quality

Visit here a link reviewing Piva- they had some nice reports from the Worcester News. It was all part of the Worcester Early Music Weekend, in which Lady G played a part. It was organised by Signora Storace(Micaela Schmitz) and her colleague Cathy Dew Click here:

Bauta nearly done!

Have just about finished the cloaks now, The masks are drying on the radiator after varnishing them (seem to be taking ages to dry). Compared to the rest, the cloaks were a walk in the park, just a simple pattern (Simplicity 5794). We decided at the last minute to line them, add I’m so pleased we did, as it makes them feel much more luxurious. Been reading a bit more,  “Bauta refers to the whole costume, not just the mask. The mask is called Larva, the other items consist of a cloak (mantel), tricorn, and the veil thing (xendal). Ok, just make a compilation cd for the car, then I’ll post some pics!