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History Undressed

I came across this super historical blog after an update from Google alerts (a great hassle free way to trawl the web for handy info) History Undressed has loads of articles and links about 18th century stuff and more. Lots of links to interesting sites and blogs. Gotta go…I’ve got some clicking to do!

The Duchess trailer

We’re very excited here at Georgianna mansion. Kiera Knightley is to star in a film about our namesake, Lady Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire. She partied, she gambled, she had big hair…what a gal! here’s the trailer for you: [youtube=] Yes, you historically-minded people, we spell our name differently, with two n’s…that’s so that you can find us when you’re searching for us on the internet, gadzooks!

we’re getting out there!

We’re starting to book up a few gigs and workshops. Dates and info to follow, watch this space. I’m hoping we’re in time to bag a slot at Whitby Goth Weekend wedding show. We have some goth followers on myspace so we reckon it would be a good idea. And the venue’s rather lovely-looking too! Now, to see if I can get some audio up on this blog!