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Fairies or angels?

I have to say that our Jane Austen dresses plus wings being all white to tend to tip the balance toward angels -but we were thinking fairy stories too. Today’s shot is from Artsfest . What do you think? –Signora

New photos coming soon

We’re very excited here at Georgianna Heights. Not only have we got artfest coming up (for which we have completed our shiny fairy wings, we have just been on a photo shoot with the lovely Jak Flash. Check out his site here

Fairy wings phase 1

We’ve been offered a slot at artsfest and are putting together a programme loosely themed around fairytales. So after the rehearsal yesterday, we got busy with the garden wire and tights and set to making a set of fairy wings each for the occasion. I’ve created a separate page with the best wing tutorial I’ve ever found should you wish to make your own.

Wings covered with tights

See how we did it here