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Vote for Mad Cap’n Tom

Can’t decide between Tory or Whig? New Labour or Lib Dem? Well here’s the new (olde) kid on the block, Mad Cap’n Tom. the soundest policies I have heard in many a year, and if he wins, there will be plenty of work for Isabella teaching swordplay!

Stranger than fiction

Two memorable sights in our recent journey: a tree with red and green lights in the middle of a roundabout all simultaneously telling us to go, or not, as it should fall out….. a timbered McDonalds… what manner of things can this be?

Heartfelt thanks

This lovely letter appeared- it must have been sent using a coach and 4 and it’s arrival was decidely swift!   My dear Lady Georgianna The Queen of the Ball asked me to write and convey her heartfelt thanks for a splendid evening’s entertainment last Saturday. She had a wonderful birthday party! It was abundantly clear that everyone who took a stroll in the Pleasure Gardens had a thoroughly good time as well. I hope your return journey was without mishaps, broken coach-springs, highwaymen, charlies, blackguards, mollies, rogues, harpsichord jostlers &c I also hope we shall be in touch again soon… All the best, Chevalier John ___