Happy New Year!

Well hello, one and all! I very much hope that 2009 find you in fine fettle. It’s been a while since I posted (that fine Chrismas fare doesn’t eat itself, you know). Lady Georgianna are beginning 2009 with some fun and exciting stuff.  We are in the process of designing the artwork for the new CD “Ladies of Misrule” Thanks to our friend and video maker extraordinaire, Anthony Hughes, we will be including a dvd of our “Take Heed” video. I am also taking advantage of the bleak winter weather to sew us all some lovely new outfits. these will be rather most historically accurate than the present ones (if not as gloriously practical) we have ordered some Robe a la Francaise patterns, and they are winging their way towards us! However, these being nice, well researched patterns, they will not fit without stays. If you have stays, you of course need a chemise to protect your skin from the stays, which will also protect the dress from sweat. So it looks as though I will have a lot of sewing to do!