the metro likes us!

Metro articleThey’re the opposite of the early music stereotype, recreating a racy world of pleasure gardens and libertines; rogues, wenches, tars and harlots. And their music’s every bit as disreputable…

Lady Georgianna works this extraordinary material into a riotously entertaining exploration of baroque London….The original girls aloud: Abigail Seabrook and Micaela Schmitz

–Richard Bratby, ‘Hi Jinks and Low Corsets’, Metro Life Friday, August 15, 2008 Lady Georgianna

quotes from real audience members

I just had to come back after sorting out the car to say what a really wonderful concert it was. I can’t say enough how much I appreciated it. It meant so much to my wife and me. She’s a fan of the Burneys and has read Evelina many many times. You know Worcester used to have it’s own pleasure gardens – the Arboretum Gardens.

- audience member, name withheld, at Lady Georgianna’s concert ‘Ladies of Misrule’


I seem to have spent most of my time today tearing my hair out over tricorn hats. Impossible to get the blasted brims to stand without collapsing under their own weight! Try as I might, I just ended up with the floppy Cap’n Jack look. I tried coat-hanger wire, net curtain wire, boning, hobby wire, all to no avail. Then, after about  4 hours of faffing , dug out some hessian and  interlined the brim with it…success! The rest was easy, making and attaching fabric flowers to mine and a big red feather boa to Gary’s. We’ve painted the masks gold, and they look a treat, though I say so myself. I would post some pics, but it’s 2am and the batteries in the camera are flat.

We have masks!

Gary and I got up at some ungodly hour this morning to peruse the rag market, and one again, it came up trumps. £20 each has got us a load of purple velvet for swishy cloaks, some tie dye sequinned velvet, a dark red feather boa (to decorate hats) , gold ribbon and black leather-look pvc with a gold sheen for hats. Probably a little more than we’d usually spend, but we figured that if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. I’m REALLY pleased with the masks that we made last night, It was a little fiddly, but we got there in the end! I got the technique from my pal Pyn, mask maker extraordinaire. She runs workshops if you’d like her to show you how. See her website here…