Are we the un-holy Trinity?

I spoke to a promoter recently and was addressed as ‘Georgianna’.  This did make me chuckle but it shows that our stage persona has really taken off. Of course we are Georgianna ‘ in three persons’. The three ladies are Allegra,  The Signora (Storace) and Miss Isabella Wrighten.  They are played by real life people with other names….

Victorian madness- 12 dates, 14 appearances

12 dates, 14 appearances. We have two more in negotation right now. Sounds like a tour!  Well, an unintentional one, then! Our Events page has the locations, or you can print off this LG-Christmas-appearances-list. This will be great practice for our Pleasure Gardens Tour.  We’ve sent out word that we want venues, so if you have a friend or aunty somwhere far from the West Midlands, such as Wales, Scotland, the North, the South, the coast, you name it, please be in touch. We’re looking for a good list of dates where we bring the pleasure gardens to the people. Bring it on!

Three tenors, baroque style

I came across this article written by tenor Ian Bostridge (one of my favourite singers) about his forthcoming album and concert, which unfortunately I cannot attend <sob>. In this article he talks about three 18th century tenors, Beard, Borosini and Fabri. Beard, I have come across, in fact we’ve performed some of the songs associated with him. Bostridge describes the way that studying the work of these three singers have shown him that there are different ways of being a tenor than what is usually associated with classical singing. Enjoy!

Victorian doings

We are  excited about all our Victorian plans. Did you know we are working on aVictorian music recording…?  We also have cold weather gear but I can’t show those just yet, as we are doing the finishing touches.  I can show you us at the  Broadway Tower site looking super fabulous with our bustled loveliness, thanks to the great photog, Jak Flash.  And yes, it was very sunny that day, unlike today! If you want to see more check out our special flickr site.