Do you give workshops?

We certainly do! And we’re always happy to pass on our love of the 18th Century. We have plenty of ideas,  and we’re happy to help you develop your own. The 18th century covers subjects as diverse as the industrial revolution, the birth of modern science,  Dr. Johnson, and even pirates sailing the Spanish Main, me hearties!

Between us, we can offer music performance & composition, singing & songwriting, dancing & movement, and storytelling & drama, as well as simple mask-making and talks on costume.

We look like 18th century people, but we also have expertise of the  Tudor and the Victorian periods in history. In addition our movement work will help you achieve targets on healthy living for your students  in year 6!

Contact us, and we’ll send you a leaflet as a PDF or hard copy.

Links to the Curriculum
We link to KS2 history (Britain and the wider world in Tudor times) and KS3 history (Changes in society and culture in Britain, including the development of colonies and national identity); Music for Dance, Composition (to GCSE level), Art & Design and Physical Education.

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