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Shoes (nicey-nicey)

I’m not one of these women that goes gaga over shoes. In fact, I find it rather hard to get excited about shoes. But I do get excited about these ones…18th century-tastic shoes by American Duchess, a small shoemaking company based in the US. I think that the ladies of Lady Georgianna need a few more well paid gigs so that we could buy some….we could even start a shoes fund…I’m gonna stop writing now and look at the shoes….mmmmm



All things baroque dance

I met the lovely Jane Gingell at a networking event in Bristol earlier this week, she put me on to www.early-dance.de, a German site that aims to bring together lovers of early dance, seemingly across Europe!

Some of the events look amazing, it would be great to perform in one of those beautiful venues…

The hunt for a baroque guitar instructor withing striking distance of Chepstow goes on, however, I may have found one…in Monmouth!