Themed Programmes

Love in the Pleasure Gardens: This show was performed on our 2011 Uk tour. A celebration of the Pleasure Gardens in the time of Jane Austen, with references to fairytale lands, tales of love and loss, and the famous “Dark Walks”

All Corseted up for Christmas: A seasonal show in Victorian dress featuring well known carols and festive popular songs. Read more…

The Triumphs of Georgianna: Our first show! A mysterious traveller takes the audience on a journey through a masquerade ball. Meet the colourful characters of 18th century England, rakes, ingenues, and patriotic drunken sailors.

Rule Britannia! : Lady Georgianna celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee with a rip-roaring ride through the patriotic popular songs of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Featuring much loved classics from WW2, the 19th century music hall and 18th century pleasure garden, the trio celebrate the love of Britain, with all its salubrious… and not so salubrious facets. In honour of the occasion, Lady Georgianna will be bedecked in stunning late Victorian costumes of red, white and blue!

Ladies of Misrule : Follow the progress of the not-so innocent virgin and the merry widow, along with many more besides! With readings from Fanny Burney’s Evelina and other lively poems. This can be performed cabaret style in 3 sets or as a concert (2 halves).

Georgianna’s Ghostly Adventures : Ghost stories and devilish doings abound in the 1700′s on all Hallows Eve, also known as Hollantide or Halloween.  We peek back in time to the Castle of Otranto, and back in the 18th century, will the heroine have a vision of her husband to be?



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